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What to expect from an assessment day

Once you have successfully completed your telephone interview you will be invited along to an assessment day.

These days will normally be held at the employer’s premises so it gives you a great opportunity to take a look where you will be working if you are offered the job!

We try our best to make the assessment days as stress free as possible, see below for an overview of what to expect so you can prepare.

The assessment day

  • We will give you some more information on the role and the apprenticeship scheme

  • There are two assessments for you to complete dependant on your chosen course, this could be a psychometric test, a maths test or some questions about how you would approach some engineering problems (don’t worry, it’s not hard)

  • Fun group exercises

  • An interview

  • A short presentation to help us understand your motivation for the role

Please click here for some in-depth pre interview advice.

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