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Level 4 Cyber Security Technician

Duration 24 months

The role of a Cyber Security Technician is to apply an understanding of cyber threats, hazards, risks, controls, measures and mitigations to protect organisations' systems and and people.

  • Those focused on the technical side work on areas such as security design and architecture, security testing and response.

  • Those focused on risk analysis look at areas such as operations, risk, governance and compliance.

  • Whether focused on the technical or risk sides, all people in this occupation work to achieve required security outcomes in a legal and regulatory context in parts of the economy.

  • They develop practical of information security to deliver solutions that fulfil an organisation's requirements.

Potential Job Titles

  • Cyber Operations Manager

  • Security Architect

  • Penetration Tester

  • Security Analyst

  • Risk Analyst

  • Intelligence Researcher

  • Security Sales Engineer

  • Cyber Security Specialist

  • Information Security Analyst

  • Governance & Compliance Analyst

  • Information Security Assurance & Threat Analyst

  • Forensics & Incident Response Analyst

  • Security Engineer

  • Information Security Auditor

  • Security Administrator

  • Information Security Officer

Apprenticeship Qualifications

CompTIA certifications

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