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Employers guide to apprenticeships

We've put together a comprehensive apprenticeship guide to help you through the process of employing an apprentice for your business.

Ranging from what an modern apprentice actually is, right up to to how to find the right one for your business and how to access the support you need.

Our guide is designed to help you on your apprenticeship journey from start to finish!

ITP and Apprentices

ITP has a long association with apprenticeships.

Dating back to our heritage as the Institute of Post Office Electrical Engineers (IPOEE) and Institute of British Telecommunications Engineers (IBTE) with BT many years ago.

Apprentices have always been at the heart of what we do.

Since launching our own apprenticeship scheme in 2013, we're immensely proud to have helped hundreds of employers with their journey towards recruiting their own apprentices.

We're delighted to now share with you our guide to apprenticeships

Designed to help employers bridge their skills gap in the easiest possible way.

Download our free Ebook - "Employers guide to apprenticeships" below and start your journey today!

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