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A week in the life of an apprentice

Demi Pearce recently completed her Level 2 Business Admin apprenticeship.  She has now joined the ITP to progress her career further by commencing a Level 3; here she documents her first week and what it’s like to start a new job remotely.

Day 1
I feel nervous but excited to get started. The day begins with a video call with my manager Charlotte, who runs our apprenticeship scheme.  She talks me through my first week and what I should expect. She also helps me set up my LinkedIn profile.

Next up is a call with Lauren, ITP’s Apprentice Recruitment Resourcer, who shows me around the files and folders I will need. It’s great to know that there are two apprentices in the team and that I can draw on Lauren’s experiences if I need to.

The day ends with a call with Crissi, ITP CEO to find out how I’m getting on and welcome me to the role. Despite the fact I haven’t actually met any of my colleagues in person, I feel like part of the team.

Day 2
I start the day with a call with Charlotte who asks how my first day went and addresses any issues or concerns. I then take part in a team meeting where I’m introduced to the rest of the team and get to know what their week ahead looks like.

I then had an introduction call with Joe, ITP’s Business Development Executive, who discusses his role with me and how we will be working together moving forward.

Following my conversation with Joe, I spend the rest of the day familiarising myself with the apprentice systems and understanding how I will be using them to assist the work the ITP does.

Day 3
Charlotte and I catch up first thing and talk through yesterday’s activities and how I found them. I have one-to-one meetings with other team members to get a better understanding of their roles and how I will work with them. I post my first job vacancy onto the applicant system and took notes in an interview with a potential apprentice we are recruiting on behalf of our partners.

Next up was an introduction call with Sue, ITP’s Membership Development Manager who talks me through the membership programme.

I spent the rest of the day researching the organisation and start to get a better understanding of its membership structure and how that works.

Day 4
On today’s call with Charlotte, I help look through potential candidate CVs, as well as updating her on the previous day’s activities. I then set up interviews with some of the potential candidates and sat in on the interviews which is great.

I had an introduction call with Jo, ITP Head of Communications.  I really feel like I’m now understanding how the ITP works and everyone’s roles within it.

Day 5
I can’t believe how quickly the week has gone, despite the fact I’ve not been into an office or been with the team in person. I kick off the day with my meeting with Charlotte in which we chat through the week and how it has gone.

I then had an introduction call with our Finance Manager Paul, who talks me through his role and details the regular information that I will need to send to him.

I then put together a presentation for Crissi and Charlotte to detail what I have observed throughout the week. It has been busy, with lots of information to take in, but I’m looking forward to when we can get together in the office and work side by side. Roll on week two!