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Here are our top tips for entering this year's ITP Awards

  • Identify the most relevant category

It sounds obvious, but some entrants or nominees may span multiple categories. Consider which one you can provide the most evidence for, referring to the entry criteria. For example, our Apprentice of the Year Award requires you to have been on an apprenticeship programme for a minimum of one year (or have completed an apprenticeship in the past year).

  • Research past winners

Look at why the past winners were successful, what is it that made them stand out? Can you learn from their entries and achievements? You can read interviews with our past ITP Award winners on the blog here.

  • Get the buy-in from colleagues and peers

If you’re entering yourself, can you get testimonials or supporting evidence from your colleagues and peers to support your entry? If you’re nominating someone then the same applies. It’s a great idea to get input and feedback from the team to demonstrate the impact the nominee has made in that particular field. For example, for Apprentice of the Year, a robust entry would also include comments from the wider business on the difference the apprentice has made.

  • Be mindful of the deadline

It’s one of those jobs that takes longer than you think. Be mindful of the closing date for entries – this year is 1st July.

  • Keep it simple

Don’t use lots of jargon. Stick to the entry criteria and why you / the nominee should win. Remember that the judges have multiple entries to go through. Don’t be tempted to include sales and marketing content. Keep it simple and relevant to the category.

  • Support the entry with evidence

Referring to the criteria, can you demonstrate why / how you or the nominee has excelled in this area? The judges are looking for tangible examples of how the criteria have been achieved and for someone who stands out from the crowd.

  • Don’t be put off from entering again

If you’ve entered in the past and not been successful, don’t be put off. The judges welcome nominations from past entrants. It’s often interesting to see how they have progressed since the last ceremony and what they have learnt along the way. This can support your entry further and add extra weight to it.

  • Nominate a colleague

Make someone’s day/week/year by nominating them. There’s no better accolade than being nominated by a colleague for an industry award.

  • Get in touch if you’re not sure

We are always here to help if you have any questions about the awards, the criteria or are just unsure of whether you should enter. Have a chat with one of our team and they will happily tell you more.  Call 01932 788861 Ext 202 and speak to Sue or email

To find out more about the ITP Awards please visit:

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