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ITP Award Winner 2023 - People and Culture Team
/ Vorboss

Vorboss secured the People and Culture team award through its unparalleled commitment to trust, value, and holistic development. Inclusive practices, like integrating apprentices into recruitment interviews, highlight the company's belief in every team member's worth. The groundbreaking 5%-of-salary grant and a dedicated company library underscore tangible investments in individual growth, removing barriers to knowledge acquisition. Notably, Vorboss sets a new standard for gender diversity, making them a beacon of people-centric leadership. In winning this award, Vorboss showcases a corporate culture where the collective success intricately intertwines with the empowerment and well-being of each team member.

If you're keen on finding out how Vorboss has attained remarkable and unparalleled success in the industry, or if you're looking for insights into cultivating a vibrant organisational culture, this interview is a must-read!

1.       Firstly, Congratulations on being awarded as the People and Culture Team of the Year! What does this award mean to you?

We’re thrilled to receive this award! We feel as though it reflects the time, effort and thinking process that goes into creating and maintaining a diverse work environment where all employees feel as though they can bring their whole selves to work. Every day we encourage our employees to contribute to the company culture with the aim of making this the best job they’ve ever had. Our people are a huge asset to us and we truly care about their career journeys and wellbeing.

2.       What do members of the People and Culture team at Vorboss find most fulfilling about their role?

Seeing the personal and professional growth journeys of our employees is incredibly rewarding and keeps us focused on building a meaningful company culture. We’re proud to champion all our employees, from our apprentices through to leaders, and to provide a supportive environment that encourages learning, upskilling and promotions.

3.       Vorboss prides itself on leading in gender diversity, particularly in field-based teams. Why is this so important to you as a team and wider organisation?

We would like to see field teams reflect the equal gender balance seen in the general population. Creating awareness around females entering and flourishing in field-based roles has always been part of our mission. We fully believe there is no reason that women wouldn’t be able to do the same jobs as men and in order to achieve this, extra layers of support are required. We provide  our teams with welfare vans, offering different types of leave and well thought out uniform design.

4.       How do you ensure that the company's culture and principles are integrated into every aspect of talent acquisition, development, and retention?

Our extensive recruitment process ensures that we’re offering candidates jobs based not only on their skillset and experience but taking into consideration what they would add to the company culture. Employees from across the company are involved in the recruitment process providing a fair decision, reinforcing the hiring of people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Our passion for employee development grows each time we implement a new system such as our Vorboss library, individual training budgets or secondments. We encourage employees to grow in their roles, with uncapped promotion possibility.

5.       Vorboss has experienced significant growth. How does your team address the challenge of retaining talent during periods of rapid scaling whilst also trying to foster an inclusive and diverse workforce?

Our employees feel supported due to multiple feedback avenues and easy ways to suggest improvements to the business. We aim to create a workforce whereby it’s clear where and how you can access support, whether it’s mental health support, financial wellbeing 1:1’s with an expert, or support with care commitments. We believe in equity by providing employees with the individual support they might need relative to their personal circumstances. This often provides a good foundation for employees to excel in their role and focus on their performance and productivity.

6.       Vorboss talks about having a strong culture of learning. Can you share specific examples of programs or initiatives that have led to increased productivity and profit?

Our Vorboss academies have revolutionised how we are able to train our employees, particularly in the Installation Technician and Sales roles. By creating and hand-picking training courses, we were able to train our people how to do things the ‘Vorboss way’, with a focus on quality, excellence and accuracy. This differentiates us from the rest of the Telecoms industry and allows us to train people from the ground up.

Employees can also swap their religious holidays, so for example an employee doesn't have to celebrate a Christian holiday if that’s not their religion. In 2022, after listening to feedback from our employees, we changed our working hours for Ramadan, so those who would like to could start and finish early. The company's productivity then increased significantly. The rate of work our install team achieved during the first hours of the day between 6 and 9am was incredible, and shows the value – for both people and company – of being diverse and inclusive.

7.       What guidance would you offer to other organisations regarding the significance of prioritising people and culture?

Putting your people first will mean they are motivated and determined to conquer any challenge put in front of them. If employees feel valued and as though their work is appreciated, they’re more likely to contribute with hard work and loyalty. It creates an environment that’s easier to navigate even when there are frequent changes because they’re on the journey with you, not against you.