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Corporate Partnership

A strategic investment for your business

Our diverse community comprises thousands of members, ranging from large corporations to SMEs, as well as individuals spanning from students and apprentices to high-level professionals and retirees. We extend our reach across the whole of UK, boasting a wealth of knowledge in all facets of Telecoms and all united by a passion for innovation and excellence.

As a Corporate Partner, your organisation gains more than just access to our extensive network; your employees become integral members of a dynamic ecosystem. They'll benefit from exclusive insights, events, and CPD opportunities tailored to enrich their professional journey. From behind-the-scenes tours to cross-industry mentoring, our platform offers a myriad of ways to foster growth and development.

Moreover, partnering with us opens doors to invaluable connections across the UK. Whether it's forging bonds with customers, engaging regulators, or collaborating with industry peers.

If your organisation is interested on becoming a Corporate Partner of the Institute, we invite you to get in touch with our team to explore the partnership opportunities available to your business.

The Value

Unlock Industry Opportunities

We take pride in being the driving force behind our members' success, making it easier for them to forge valuable relationships, be part of the change, network and connect with customers, and fuel business growth. Our member community is a diverse mix of individuals and organisations from all backgrounds including academia, policy makers, regulators, decision makers, and thought leaders from across the UK.

Drive Policy

We passionately advocate for solutions and policies that drive our members to not only compete but thrive and expand in their business.

Navigate the Skills Landscape

Gain the inside track on the telecoms sector through the ITP. We offer invaluable insight, guidance and support on the current and future skills landscape to ensure our members are equipped for the future.

Empower your business and employees

Our platform offers unique opportunities and advantages that empower members to take control of their business and professional development. ITP Membership will help you to elevate your profile, build strong relationships, and respond to market trends and challenges.

Maximise your Investment

Joining the ITP is not just a membership, it’s a strategic investment that can offer substantial returns. We provide a dynamic platform to showcase your products, services and insights, positioning you as a leader in your field. Members gain access to skills development opportunities to ensure they stay abreast with the industry and thrive in their field.

Our Corporate Partners

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