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It’s that time of year again!

The nominations are now open for the annual ITP Awards.

Entries are welcomed from individuals and nominations.

From apprentices to mentors, to those making an amazing contribution to the industry or to a colleague’s development

There is a category for everyone.

But why should you enter an award and what are the benefits?

10 reasons to enter the ITP Awards

  • It can help your personal development

Our previous Apprentice of the Year winners and finalists have all told us about the positive impact their win has had on their development.  Most have gained recognition from their employers and senior managers which has given them visibility in the business. It also looks great on a CV or LinkedIn to say that you’re an award winner.  

  • Recognise and reward the work of colleague

Nominating a colleague is a fantastic way to shine a light on the work they do and celebrate it. Many nominees are taken by complete surprise and are very touched. You can nominate an employee or a colleague – anyone you think deserves recognition.

  • Say thank you to someone who has made a valuable contribution to your career

We have an award category solely dedicated to those who have made an outstanding contribution to someone else’s development. This could be through mentoring, coaching or just general line-management and support. It’s a great way to say thank you for the help they have given you.

  • Give your organisation some great PR

Finalists and winners all benefit from the free marketing around the awards each year. We supply email signatures and badges which you can use on your website and social media. Typically, on LinkedIn alone our awards posts generate hundreds of views and thousands of engagements during the ceremony.

  • Benchmark yourself against the competition

Whether this be individually or as an organisation. The application process can make you consider the ways in which your business stands out, or how you differ from competitors.

  • Increase staff motivation and productivity  

If you’re nominating an employee or someone you line manage, this can be a great motivator and morale booster not just for them but the entire team. Businesses who recognise and reward their staff are more likely to retain them and see increased levels of productivity.

  • Attract new talent

Positioning your business as a market-leader / award winner, gives you an edge over competitors when it comes to recruitment. Interviews with winners on your website and internal PR all tells potential recruits that you’re an employer that recognises the value of its employees.

  • Shine a light on women in telecoms

Women are still under-represented in our industry and our Woman in Technology Award was launched to address this. Applications are open to women with five years or more experience in the business who demonstrate significant achievements in the sector.

  • It’s good for business

Entering and winning awards shows your customers (and potential customers) that your business is ahead of the game. It is great for enhancing brand reputation and building loyalty.

  • Network with peers.

With over 150 people in attendance, the ITP Awards ceremony is a fantastic opportunity to mingle with the great and good of the industry. It offers a chance to meet colleagues across the board and do some serious networking.

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