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Woman in Technology Award Sponsored by Ofcom

About this award

Applications are open to women who have a minimum of five years experience in the industry and could demonstrate technical or business leadership skills that excel in one of these areas:

  • Significant achievements in the sector

  • Long term excellence

  • Original research on telecoms technology

  • Outstanding leadership

Deadline for entries: Friday 19th July 2024

Category Sponsor

Ofcom is the regulator for the communications services that we use and rely on each day.

We make sure:

  • people are able to use communications services, including broadband;

  • a range of companies provide quality television and radio programmes that appeal to diverse audiences;

  • viewers and listeners are protected from harmful or offensive material on TV, radio and on-demand;

  • people are protected from unfair treatment in programmes, and don’t have their privacy invaded;

  • the universal postal service covers all UK addresses six days a week, with standard pricing; and

  • the radio spectrum is used in the most effective way.