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Level 3 Software Development Technician

Duration 16 months

oftware development technicians are the supportive entry level team member helping to create computer programs. Some assist in developing the applications that allow people to do specific tasks on a computer or another device. Others assist in developing the underlying systems that run the devices or that control networks.

A software development technician typically works as a junior member of a software development team, to build simple software components (whether web, mobile or desktop applications) to be used by other members of the team as part of larger software development projects or by end users. They will interpret simple design requirements for discrete components of the project under supervision. The approach will typically include implementing code, building on code that other team members have developed, to produce the required component. The software development technician will also be engaged in testing that the specific component meets its intended functionality. In their daily work, an employee in this occupation interacts with software developers and may also assist the wider team in their interactions with internal and external parties including users/customers (to understand their needs and evaluate the software developed through user testing). The software development technician may also interact under supervision with team members from a range of specialist fields including designers, developers, engineers, analysts, and project/delivery managers (to ensure the effective implementation of software solutions).

A software development technician is typically office-based however field-based research and testing may require periods of time working in the environments of the clients whose needs they are seeking to meet. An employee in this occupation will be responsible for assisting in the development of software solutions across the full software development life cycle, from research and development, through continuous improvement, to product/service retirement.

Potential Job Titles

  • Assistant Programmer and Automated Test Developer

  • Junior Application Developer

  • Junior Application Support Analyst

  • Junior Developer

  • Junior Games Developer

  • Junior Web Development

  • Software Development Technician

Apprenticeship Qualifications

On successful completion of the programme, the apprentice will be awarded with a Level 3 Software Development Technician apprenticeship certificate. They will also be awarded with world-class vendor qualifications including BCS Level 3 Certificate in Programming, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, Industry recognised certification in one of Java, Python, or C#.

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