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Membership Grades


Suitable for students who are currently studying towards an undergraduate or post graduate qualification within ICT and Telecoms


Suitable for anyone currently undertaking an apprenticeship within ICT and Telecoms


Suitable for anyone working in a related field or have a passion for the industry


Suitable for anyone either working in telecoms and ICT or for those who are passionate about the industry


Suitable for those over 65 and have retired and want to keep up to date with the industry


The highest membership grade which is awarded to individual's who have shown achievement in the industry through leadership, research, new business, international recognition or public service

Choose between full access or simply pick and choose your content

The membership pick and mix subscription means you only pay for the elements you need, and you can add-on whenever you like with total flexibility.

What's more, all members automatically gain membership of FITCE, a network of international ICT, telecoms and media experts.

All members must agree to our Code of Conduct.

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