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Joe O'Neill
Operational Team / Head of Operations

Joe O’Neill joins the ITP as Head of Operations.

With a remarkable 23-year record in leading extensive operations functions, Joe has consistently delivered high level performance in the challenging sector of insurance. His proven track record in operations, management and business development along with his commitment to delivering results will add strength and motivation into the team, steering ITP towards its future goals and growth targets.

At the core of Joe’s success are the fundamental principles of loyalty and teamwork. By setting clear strategic objectives, he ensures that his teams not only understand but also reach their full potential through the customer journey, ultimately creating industry experts within the organisation.

In his previous role, Joe spearheaded trading activities in a non-standard insurance brokerage, achieving an impressive £40 million gross written premium and maintaining an outstanding 70% retention rate across private car, home, and commercial sectors. This experience equips him with a deep understanding of compliance, product knowledge, and budgeting, all of which are instrumental in enhancing business output.

Beyond his career, Joe’s family and dog play a huge part in his life, along with his passion for Sport.