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5 mins with Joe Kimber

Business Development Executive, Joe Kimber has been with the ITP for the past six years. He has recently completed his Level 3 IT Technical Sales Apprenticeship – a 15 month course which involved sales training, CompTIA Network Fundamentals and E-Learning.

As someone who has now completed two apprenticeships, and is responsible for promoting the ITP’s scheme, Joe tells us why he’s passionate about apprenticeships and why all businesses should seriously consider hiring an apprentice. 

What made you choose an apprenticeship?

I chose to enroll onto the apprenticeship to upskill and enhance my personal development in sales. Having previously completed an apprenticeship in Business Administration, I knew how the process worked and how beneficial an apprenticeship can be.

I choose a Level 3 IT Technical Sales Apprenticeship initially because it focused on the Sales Lifecyle, which I wanted to learn more about.

How did you find out about the apprenticeship?

I’m actively selling digital apprenticeship schemes, so I am familiar with the standard and I knew how much it would help further my career in the world of sales.

What did you enjoy the most?

I really enjoyed learning about the Sales lifecycle, as I had never looked at this in depth before the apprenticeship course. As a result, learning the different techniques has helped me close many sales for the ITP. The technical side was the most difficult aspect to grasp, however with the three-day training course this soon put me at ease. I am now looking to progress onto a Level 4 Apprenticeship in Sales.

Do you have any tips for school leavers considering an apprenticeship?

I would say ‘don’t think twice about applying’. Not only are you gaining experience but also earning a wage at the same time. It’s such a fantastic way to learn a trade and immerse yourself within a business who is taking the time to invest in you.

My top tip would be to keep on top of the work from the beginning and make sure that you give yourself dedicated time to complete it. It can be an adjustment initially getting your head around working and studying at the same time, but you soon get into it and it becomes normal.

What would you say to employers who are thinking of hiring an apprentice for the first time?

As an advocate for apprenticeships, I cannot recommend them highly enough. I see firsthand how apprentices from the ITP scheme have grown and developed. Some are now holding senior roles within the business. Apprenticeships are great for productivity, morale and retention (around 90% of apprentices stay within the business after the apprenticeship has ended). Hiring an apprentice gives you access to someone who is at the cutting edge of their subject matter – being trained as they work for you, and bringing with them the most up to date knowledge. It doesn’t really get better than that!

Don’t forget, there are also financial incentives to help cover the cost of taking on an apprentice. Currently businesses hiring a new apprentice are eligible for £3,000 in government funding until the end of September. So now really is the best time to start an apprenticeship scheme.

If you would like to hear more about the ITP’s apprenticeship scheme, get in touch with Joe.