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Meet the Team - Sue Langridge
Operational Team / Head of Membership

Sue has been an invaluable part of the ITP for an impressive 15 years!

Originally joining as the PA to then-CEO Brendan on a temporary contract, Sue's remarkable people skills and her talent for building strong, trusting relationships quickly caught the attention of the ITP team. She was persuaded to stay on and took on the role of Membership Development Manager (it didn't take much persuasion, we promise!).

Over the years, Sue's dedication led to her promotion to Head of Membership. She now collaborates closely with the current CEO, Charlotte Goodwill, overseeing all aspects of Member Development and Corporate Partnership. Sue's commitment to the personal and professional development of individuals is unparalleled, and she lives and breathes the ITP's values. Every day, she tirelessly works to positively impact someone's life.

And here's an interesting fact about Sue's relationship-building prowess: for a number of members, she has gone from being a colleague to becoming very close friends. She's attended trips, family birthday parties, even visited Harry Potter World, and, believe it or not, she's proudly a godmother to one of our members' daughters!

If you haven't had the pleasure of getting to know Sue, it's high time you do!

  1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

    I have lived locally in Staines for all my life, I have a brother Bob, sister-in-law Jane and nephew Adam and niece Rosie. My Dad worked for BP when he left the Navy and my Mum worked for a local builder. I live a few minutes from Mum and I have a large extended family, at the last count 82 of us!  I am a cat mum to Gertie and she rules the house. 

    I am the proudest godmother to Jonathan (who is nearly 30) and Rubie who’ll be 6 in March. I’m an avid Fulham supporter and I love that there’s always lots of banter between my fellow football fans.

  2. What led you to join the ITP?

    I joined the ITP just over 15 years ago to support the then CEO as his PA, I was working for the employment agency who supplied both temporary and permanent members of the then team and needed a change, so accepted a 3-4 months contract, the rest as they say is history but briefly, they spotted I was pretty good with people and I accepted a permanent role looking after the members.  I still tell people it’s my new job!

  3. What does a typical day look like for you in your role?

    Not sure there is a typical day but there’s member queries, arranging and hosting Member Insight Visits, encouraging and supporting members to make the best of their membership by joining us at seminars, insight visits, publishing in the journal or taking part in CPD.  I have regular calls with members who are looking to achieve Professional Registration and I work with them as they progress towards those important letters after their name (who knew I would be working with amazing Telco folk who are far more technical than me?!). I talk to all of our prospective Fellows, work with Mentors and Mentees and of course, and don’t think I should forget that at a certain time of the year, I'm encouraging the amazing people in our industry to apply for one of our awards.

  4. Can you share a highlight or accomplishment from your career that you’re particularly proud of?

    Every year the Annual Dinner is a highlight, bringing the Industry together to celebrate feels fantastic, a room full of celebration.

    For 2023 without a doubt (although there have been many), the accomplishment I am most proud of is finally seeing a long-standing member gain his Chartered Engineer status, it took a while, our first conversations took place around 2014.  His words to me were “ thanks for all your help and not giving up on me!” – I might have done a small jig when he let me know (maybe even shed a tear!).

    Oh and don’t forget I love that I get to manage and support the lovely Danielle.

  5. What’s your favourite thing about working at the ITP?

    Every day is different, I have awesome colleagues who are also friends and watching Danielle grow in confidence makes me so happy!

  6. Outside of work, what are some of your hobbies and interests?

    I really enjoy time with friends and family, going to my local pub where I celebrated my 21st and next year will be celebrating there again a rather milestone birthday. I’m a bit of gin fiend and my Uncle has a small distillery, family gin how good is that?  Travel is a passion, I just love a good trip; food out, wandering in London, trips aboard and afternoon tea which is one of my favourite things to do. I also love an art gallery!

    My favourite places are home, London (always an adventure), New York and Vienna, and I’m lucky enough to have family in Portugal, so Loule feels like a 2nd home.

  7. What is your favourite way to recharge after a busy day?

    Nothing better than feet up, cup of tea and cuddles with Gertie.  Also Pilates and the best switch off is a Soundbath with the amazing Siobhan.

  8. Can you share an interesting or fun fact about yourself that people might not know?

    I have a certificate in Kinesiology.

  9. What's the weirdest food combination that you enjoy?

    Weetabix with butter on (blame my Dad).