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CPD Programme

Our flexible CPD programme helps keep your skills and knowledge up to date. You can learn through print articles, training videos and seminars / webinars on a variety of specialist areas.

The advancement of your professional career and organisation is heavily reliant on how frequently you and others engage in CPD.  You may struggle to keep up with the ever-changing world of the Technical Industry without it.

Ongoing learning allows for a level of development that distinguishes the average person from the truly exceptional. So, if you want to improve your chances of success, CPD is a tried, tested and proven method.

What are the benefits of CPD to you as the learner?

  • Refines your personal skills and knowledge

  • Keeps your skills and knowledge up to date which is integral in today’s fast-moving world

  • Opens pathways to career progression or other potential opportunities

  • Better job security and higher salaries

  • Increases your ability to learn and improve

  • Demonstrates ambition, attitude and dedication to other employers and clients

  • Promotes independence and self-motivation

What are the benefits of CPD to you as the employer?

  • Ensures that standards throughout the company are consistently high

  • Improved efficiency and productivity with highly skilled and motivated staff

  • Enhances the business’s reputation among customers and clients as well as potential employees

  • Promotes a healthy learning culture

  • Improves employee retention as employees feel valued and loyal to the company

  • Provides a useful benchmark for annual reviews and appraisals

  • Enables the company to positively react and move with the current trends and shifts in the industry

  • Shows dedication to your staff’s continuous professional development and allows equal access to learning opportunities

How does it work?

  • We have put together CPD packages which span different IT & telecoms topics.

  • Once you complete all the tasks in the package we'll send you out a CPD Certificate (accredited by The CPD Certification Service).

Topics Covered

  • Internet of Things

  • Cloud

  • Cyber Security

  • Network Functions Virtualisation

  • IPv6

  • Mobile Evolution

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)

  • Future of Fibre

  • 5G

  • More Topics Coming soon

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