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Level 2 Telecoms Field Operative

Duration 15 months

This occupation is found in the UK telecom sector.

The broad purpose of the occupation is build, provide or repair telecom services for commercial or residential customers on the UK's National Telecom Access Network. Working on the copper and fibre connections to 4G & 5G services, homes and businesses from the local telephone exchanges. The connections deliver telephone, internet, data and TV services to households and businesses.

In their daily work, an employee in this occupation interacts with with a number of different customers depending on their role. The customer could be a communication provider with whom the end customer has a contract for a telecom service e.g. Sky, Talk-Talk, BT, PlusNet. In this role the technician could also interact directly with the service providers’ customers – these could be residential or office based. The majority of time in the role will be spent working outside in all kinds of weather. Depending on the specific role the employee could be working on telecom equipment in a telephone exchange, at height, in underground networks, in residential properties and business properties, at the side of the road and in any other places where a telecom service is required.

An employee in this occupation will be responsible for an employee in this occupation will be responsible for maintaining, repairing, upgrading, protecting and installing telecoms services on the UK’s National Telecom Access Network. This field-based role will require the individual to work under supervision, alone or as part of a team as required. Their work is allocated to them on a daily basis either from their line manager or a work allocation centre via an electronic device. The output and the quality of their work is audited by their line manager or an external auditor on a regular basis. In this role they do not have management responsibility for anyone. New entrants will be joining a large network of more than 20,000 operatives nationwide.

Potential Job Titles

  • Trainee Engineer Copper

  • Trainee Engineer Fibre

  • Fibre or Copper Jointer

  • Network Infrastructure Engineer

  • Telecoms Customer Service Engineer

  • Telecommunications Installation Technician

Apprenticeship Qualifications

On successful completion of the programme, the apprentice will be awarded with a Level 2 Telecoms Field Operative apprenticeship certificate.

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