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Level 4 Employability Practitioner

Duration 24 months

The broad purpose of the occupation is to work with individuals (service users) who are distanced furthest from the labour market, helping them to address and overcome obstacles to securing suitable and sustainable employment. Employability Practitioners may specialise in working with a specific group of service users and will devise strategies to address and overcome the multiple and complex barriers to employment, and to improve their employability prospects, with the end goal being to find employment or to progress in work if they are already employed. This requires a broad appreciation of the types of public services, community offerings and funding streams available and an understanding of how these fit together so that they can put in place a bespoke plan of support that takes a holistic approach to the whole service user. Employability practitioners will be aware of the growing green economy with the UK Government’s commitment to moving to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and the impact this has for current and future employability needs.

In their daily work, an employee in this occupation interacts with service users. This can include individuals who have or may have one or more of the following; mental health conditions, physical health conditions, disabilities, generational unemployment, social barriers e.g. lone parenting, addiction or substance misuse, low levels of education/attainment, language barriers i.e. English is not their first language, financial difficulties, ex-forces, ex-offenders, youth unemployment barriers etc. This list is not exhaustive. Employability Practitioners are responsible for safeguarding their services users from abuse and neglect as well as adherence to the Government’s PREVENT strategy which aims to protect vulnerable people from radicalisation and/or extremism. They will also interact with their colleagues, employers who are providing employment to service users, recruitment companies, public services, other community and support organisations that the service user is accessing and other key stakeholders. They will sit within a team of other Employability Practitioners who all report into a Team Manager and will usually work normal working hours however there may be times when they have to work evenings and weekends if any of their service users are employed and need to be contacted outside of these times.

Potential Job Titles

  • Career and Employment Coordinator

  • Careers Advisor

  • Lead or Senior Employment Advisor

  • Employment Coach

Apprenticeship Qualifications

On successful completion of the programme, the apprentice will be awarded with a Level 4 Employability Practitioner apprenticeship certificate.

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