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Thinking of becoming a mentor?

We are always looking for experienced industry professionals to share their knowledge and become mentors. Many of our mentors tell us that they benefit just as much from the experience as the mentee.

You can help another person further their career, you could also join an elite group of Mentor of the Year Winners, awarded at our annual dinner. Mentoring gives you the chance to improve your own management and leadership skills .

What commitment is needed?

  • The programme lasts between 4-6 months.

  • 1-2 hours per month.

What support is available?

We will provide full support throughout with online training and guidance.

Next steps

If you're interested in becoming a mentor then we would ask you to:

  • Complete the application form.

  • We will supply you with a mentor training pack which offers guidance, ideas and advice to help you maximise time with your potential mentee.

  • You will be required to take part in some online training (designed to be completed in a coffee break).

  • We will match you with a suitable mentee.

  • We will be on hand to support you from the start.

To get involved, fill in our application form.

Seeing people grow in confidence and become more productive gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I have been able to realise the impact a little support and guidance can achieve, where a person can go from feeling withdrawn, unable to reach their full potential and misunderstood to excelling in fields.

Danny Graham (telecoms professional & former ITP Mentor of the Year 2018)

Case study: the benefits of being a mentor

Dave Davis is a former ITP Mentor of the Year winner. He was nominated by Howard Pearson, a BT Higher Apprentice, who praised his flexibility, commitment, and ability to bring a fresh perspective.

Looking back over Dave’s career, it is easy to see where his expertise comes from; as he first began mentoring young soldiers when he was in the Armed Forces. Dave started as an apprentice in the Royal Signals, and ended up as the satellite communications instructor. He says: “The call came out for volunteers to mentor young soldiers going through their basic technical training, so I thought ‘why not, I could put a bit back. I haven’t looked back since'.

As well as a wide and varied career – Dave has also found extra commitment to mentoring from the support he himself received throughout his career.

He says: “I’ve been mentored along the way by many very talented people, who have given me the support and inspiration to always try and maintain the highest possible levels of integrity and professionalism."

Because of this solid background in both mentoring and being mentored, Dave took the plunge into the ITP Cross Industry scheme. He says: “The on-line training was really good and to have a formal structure helps in the sessions, particularly early on as you are getting to know each other. The ITP have been supportive and encouraging and are skilful at pairing mentors and mentees together."

“It’s been easier to do than I thought and after a session or two you really feel connected with your mentee."

He added: “Without doubt mentoring also helps me. Many a time have I given a piece of advice, or pointed out a different perspective only to think “maybe I should heed my own advice”. It makes you question the norm and constantly look for ways of improving yourself.”

With mentoring, it's not all one way traffic. Many a time have I given a piece of advice, or pointed out a different perspective only to think 'maybe I should heed my own advice.

Dave Davis (Technical Director, ST Engineering iDirect)

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