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Our cross-industry mentoring scheme

What is mentoring?

Not to be confused with coaching, mentoring is a voluntary relationship between a mentor and a mentee with long-term goals in mind.

The idea is that the senior professional (the mentor) will impart their knowledge and expertise onto the junior professional (mentee).

It differs from coaching which tends to focus on issues in the present, rather than long-term development.

Mentoring is usually focused on four key elements:

  • Improving performance

  • Career development

  • Counselling

  • Sharing knowledge

It’s not only beneficial for the mentee however, as many of our experienced mentors tell us they gain insights from newly trained or qualified staff and that cross-mentoring is works for both parties.

We've been running our cross-industry scheme for a number of years, you can find out more info on the link below:


Thinking of becoming a mentor? It's a simple and straight-forward process, and we'll be on hand to help.


I’ve always relied on the advice of people around me, but we tend to surround ourselves with likeminded people, mentoring has opened my eyes to this echo chamber.

Something I believe too many people are missing in this current algorithmic age.

Steven Smith (BT)

Being a mentor has given me the opportunity to share my experience and in doing so has increased my confidence about my own knowledge. It has helped me to develop skills and understanding as part of my own personal and professional development and offered me new perspectives and personal challenge.

Sally Wells (Arup)

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